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Ethylene (ethene) is one of the most important organic chemical, by tonnage, that is manufactured.

Ethylene Trading Across Industries

Ethylene (ethene) is one of the most important organic chemical, by tonnage, that is manufactured. It is the building block for a vast range of chemicals from plastics to antifreeze solutions and solvents.

A large amount of ethylene produced in the Middle East comes from Saudi Arabia, 17 million tonnes a year, with one refinery producing over 2 million tonnes a year, the 4th largest ethene production plant in the world.

Ethylene is produced from the cracking of fractions obtained from distillation of natural gas and oil.

    Cracking Formulations
  • Steam cracking of ethane and propane (natural gas & crude oil)

  • Steam cracking of naphtha from crude oil

  • Catalytic cracking of gas oil from crude oil.

Industries that use ethylene:

Plastics & Polystyrene
Plant Growth Regulation
Producing Polyester Fibres
Curing Agent for Tobacco
Welding & Cutting of Metals

Ethylene gas is a major plant hormone that influences diverse processes in plant growth, development and stress responses throughout the plant life cycle. Responses to ethylene, such as fruit ripening, are significant to agriculture.

Ethylene has many other uses across industries consisting of welding and cutting metals, manufacturing of alcohol, mustard gas, ethylene oxide (for plastics), polythene, polystyrene, plant growth regulation and used to commercially to accelerate the ripening of various fruits.

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